Tips on Buying a New Laptop

Actually, new laptops have the quality and standard specifications of the factory. You do not have to doubt it. The consideration is to buy a new laptop and adjust to the needs. This is related to the price of the laptop itself.

Some of the following tips can be your guide in buying a laptop:

1. Buying Laptop in accordance with the Needs

First of all you need to ask if what exactly you need right now in purchasing a laptop. You need to know what you want, the laptop will be used for what. Therefore let’s refer to the first 3 division categories of laptop usage needs as follows:

Laptops for office needs or for study

The need for office and lecture work in its work involves all good files for making letters, papers, presentations, financial calculations, and so on, particularly in relation to the types of office work. Maybe you also use listening to music, games, and open the internet. This type of work does not need a laptop with high specifications.

Laptops for Graphic Design

Needs graphic design requires high specification laptop. This work is always associated with graphics, color, photo editing, brochures, and more. Some applications that need high memory such as Adobe Photoshop applications, Corel Draw, and the like you need to consider. The use of laptops for this type of work is always tangent with multimedia so it needs a high specification and memory processor.

Laptop for Usual Games or Pro Gaming

The use of laptops for gaming activities requires the most memory. The activity of heavy game games with longer time levels, requires stable system performance, clear and sharp display quality.

2. Understand the Type and Brand of Laptop and its Reputation

Types of laptops are very diverse kinds, to note the quality in it to find the right choice of laptop. Customize the type of laptop taken with your budget and with all kinds of application needs in it. Each type of laptop with various brands in it usually has a reputation of usage. You can compare the reputation by reading the testimony that many circulating on the internet.

There are many brands on the market such as Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Apple, Lenovo, Dell. Consider the brand’s reputation, for example Toshiba is renowned as a durable laptop and has a longer lifespan than any other brand. Asus has the best service and so forth.

3. Note the Warranty and Service

Warranty and service more ensures your laptop is comfortable to use without worrying if problems occur in the future. For example, Asus laptop, dare to guarantee up to 2 years. Dell, when your laptop is damaged will be replaced with a new one. In addition, when buying a laptop you need to make sure about the availability of its service center.

4. Note the resale price and Bonus Availability

You need to find first type, brand, or laptop that there is a return price not too far away, if you one day want to sell it back and buy new again did not experience significant losses. You need to pay attention to the bonus to get additional profit.

5. Check the condition of the Laptop and Specifications Connectivity Specifically

Before leaving the store you need to check the condition of the laptop first, there is a disability or not. Pay attention to its connectivity on USB, HDMI, LAN, Wifi or Hot spot whether positions are available or not. Do not forget when you buy a laptop to try it on the spot so that if there is a problem can immediately get the solution.

6. Understand Laptop Types In accordance with the latest developments

In the era of digital technology-based internet like today, many applications that require memory capacity, and a sophisticated processor. This is followed by the development of increasingly sophisticated laptops in their respective classes.

Here are some needs of the type of laptop that suits the capacity to answer the needs of advanced laptops in the future.

Super sophisticated laptops with designs thinner and lighter than a laptop usually. Ultrabook is suitable for you who have a very high mobility rate. Because supported by a thin specification, lightweight, and battery life that is able to reach 4 – 5 hours.

This laptop uses SSD technology that has the ability to read and write data very quickly plus its resistance to shocks and other factors. This ultrabook has its shortcomings in terms of expensive prices, and small storage capacity because it is still not the use of SSDs, unlike hard disks that have a large variety of capacity.

Similar to gadgets, this type of laptop, how to execute a program or application directly using the touch screen. Unlike other types of laptops that usually use the keyboard, mouse or touchpad to execute the program. Operation is almost the same as today’s smartphones, replacing the functions of the mouse and keyboard with a touchscreen.

This type of laptop is equipped with sophisticated processor using windows operating system 8 / 8.1. The disadvantages of touchscreen laptops are more expensive than regular laptops.

This type of laptop has a supporting hardware specifications that are better than other laptops. But laptops are not equipped with features like those of ultrabook and touchscreen notebooks. This laptop is specially designed for jobs that require computers with more capabilities, such as multimedia, video editing, 3D design, and used to play heavy games. However, the price is very expensive.

Specification of supporting devices from this type of laptop that has the following specifications and capacity:

Processor typically uses i7 or later.
Memory uses the latest generation of memory and large capacity
Hard Disk using the latest technology with a capacity of 1 TB or more
Optical Drive uses blu-ray instead of DVD
Video Graphic uses the latest technology from a well-known brand with a large capacity.