Notebook review – Samsung Chromebook 2

Samsung Chromebook 2Samsung’s Chromebook two is that the company’s latest try at connection the Chromebook crowd, and it engineered another moveable machine with a lasting battery and a few performance problems. we tend to reviewed the 13-inch model, that encompasses a refined style, and powerful build. The device is capable of providing a basic computing expertise whereas on the go, however power users are foiled within the performance.
Build & style

Samsung Chromebook front 1The Samsung Chromebook two encompasses a grey plastic exterior with a pretend animal skin cowl that offers the device a complicated look and makes it straightforward to grip. the duvet boasts each Samsung and Google Chrome logos. The notebook encompasses a similar sleek gray chassis that hides fingerprints well. The 13-inch model is simply zero.65 inches thick and weighs three pounds, whereas the 11-inch model weighs in at two.65 pounds, creating it straightforward to hold for long periods of your time.

Two hands area unit required to open the duvet, because the hinges area unit tight and a robust hand is required to regulate the angle of the show.

The screen lid flexes below sturdy pressure and noticeable riffle on the show happens, notably round the edges. The show is additionally subject to some flex once twisted, however the chassis stands up well to sturdy pressure and doesn’t offer once ample force is applied.

Overall the device holds up well to the traditional wear and tear of normal travel as long because the screen lid isn’t place through an excessive amount of abuse.

Input & Output Ports

The Chromebook two encompasses a commonplace HDMI port, one USB 2.0 port, one USB 3.0 port, a headphone/mic band jack, and a microSD card slot. like most Chromebooks, there isn’t abundant to speak concerning here as a result of this category of device doesn’t generally supply an excellent port choice. That being same, we might have likable to visualize a regular South Dakota card slot on this model.

Screen & Speakers

The Chromebook two has associate crystal rectifier backlit HD show with 1366×768 resolution and a 16:9 ratio on the 13-inch model. Text is usually tough to browse, particularly once scrolling through an outsized amount of text sort of a Twitter put in full-screen mode. However, the ratio makes it straightforward to multitask, with “good enough” resolution for 2 browser windows to be open aspect by aspect. The anti-reflective panel works well, with restricted glare even in bright daylight. Brightness levels area unit sensible and therefore the notebook is straightforward to use within the dark while not being bright.

Color copy is “okay,” however the show isn’t as vivacious as several notebooks currently. colours area unit washed out a bit; the blacks look additional like gray. Whites area unit still crisp however will mix into some colours like red and blue that’s alittle uninteresting. Viewing angles area unit rather slim with alittle window on either finish during which the show isn’t distorted. Users can have higher luck once tilting the show back instead of forward, wherever colours area unit quickly washed out and a glare is picked up from the chassis.

The Chromebook two has 2 speakers that turn out enough sound to fill alittle, quiet room. Audio quality is high with no harsh distortion once sound is turned all the high. The phone jack produces sound that’s over comfortable for casual use. there’s no distortion at the very best volume here either. The device encompasses a noise reducing array mike, that works well once video chatting during a louder atmosphere. It simply blocks out background noises like a TV program or passing traffic.

Keyboard & Touchpad

Samsung Chromebook keyboardA ancient QWERTY keyboard provides associate exceptional writing expertise. The keyboard support is robust and there’s no offer or flex once writing. The keys have a rubberized texture and therefore the spacing makes it straightforward for users to navigate around. there’s associate sonic clicking once writing, however the noise isn’t loud enough to be distracting during a quiet atmosphere. There’s no backlight therefore it’s alittle tough to identify specialty keys, though it’s not the maximum amount of a difficulty once you’re at home with the layout.

The touchpad is slightly ruined into the chassis with a similar gray end. it’s a skinny chrome strip marking its define, creating it straightforward to inform wherever the touchpad begins and ends. It’s fairly sizable compared to the keyboard and sits focused below the spacebar. Spacing of the touchpad was well thought out and is way enough faraway from the keyboard that users don’t accidentally hit it with their palms. The touchpad itself is sleek and extremely responsive.

Samsung Chromebook touchapdThere aren’t any dedicated mouse keys on the touchpad. A one-finger click initiates a left click and a two-finger click for a right click operate. Users will either faucet on the touchpad or click right down to build a command. the clicking is quite loud but, therefore during a quiet atmosphere, mistreatment the sound motion is probably going a more robust possibility. we tend to didn’t encounter any problems with the touchpad reading commands.