Notebook Review : Samsung Ativ Book 9

Samsung Ativ Book 9Samsung has utilized its London-based Premiere event to produce an up-to-date form of its Series 9 Ultrabook, which now carries the Ativ Book branding. Remarkably, there’ll certainly be two high-finish models – the Ativ Book 9 Lite and Ativ Book 9 Plus.

Samsung Ativ Book 9

First of all, the Ativ Book 9 Lite is really a 13.3in Ultra-thin laptop run by a quad-core AMD A6 APU, combined with 4GB of RAM along with a 128GB solid condition disk. Because it does not use Apple hardware it cannot be known as an Ultrabook, however it seems to become one in most but title, having a compact chassis and touchscreen display. It carries over the same minimal design in the Series 9 laptop, with slightly bulbous edges round the ports.

Samsung Ativ Book 9

The Ativ Book 9 Plus, meanwhile, utilizes a dual-core i5-4200U processor, which is among Intel’s latest Haswell processors. It runs at 1.6GHz and again sits alongside 4GB of RAM along with a 128GB SSD. The 13.3in touchscreen includes a huge QHD 3,200×1,800 resolution display, which provides it more pixels per inch than Apple’s Retina Mac laptop Professional.

Samsung Ativ Book 9

We’ve got our on the job the Ativ Book 9 Plus, and were pleased in what we had. The screen, to begin with, looks spectacular. Colours had real punch, and there is little from the graininess we frequently see on touch screen shows. Home windows 8 does not cope superbly with your an enormous resolution, with a few really small fonts. You’d need to tweak the font dimensions to obtain comfortable reading through, but hopefully Microsoft will address this soon.

The chassis includes a plastic lid and base, but feels strong, with hardly any flex. We’d no issues with the touch pad, which felt accurate, and also the integrated buttons were built with a solid click. I was less sure concerning the keyboard in the end loved the well-spread secrets, each one of these tended to wobble a little round the center.

Both laptops are required to take purchase within the coming several weeks, but no prices information continues to be launched up to now.