Notebook Review -Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Lenovo Yoga 3 ProLenovo has been teasing everybody with a principally blank product page on its web site for the Yoga three professional multimode Ultrabook. The Yoga two professional was very roaring for Lenovo thus it had been solely logical to update it once Intel updated its processors. At last, Lenovo has finally undraped the new Yoga three professional ($1,349), and it’s clear that this Ultrabook is back-geared toward those that worth vogue the maximum amount as performance.

The Yoga three professional carries over a number of a similar style parts that created the Yoga two professional thus well-liked, however you simply have to be compelled to look at the Ultrabook to note that it’s even diluent and lighter and options a radical new “watchband hinge” that’s not like something we have a tendency to expected from the those that create the ThinkPad.

It’s dead The wrist joint watchstrap

While we have a tendency to ar happy to ascertain that the new Yoga three professional is seventeen p.c diluent than its precursor (making this Ultrabook diluent than a #2 pencil once open), our eyes unbroken returning to the hinge. because it seems, it’s truly a key part for keeping the Yoga three professional thus skinny and lightweight.

The new watchstrap hinge is constructed from over 800 items of steel and metallic element. This style offers bigger flexibility and flatness than the turn on the first Yoga whereas additionally providing bigger stability over the whole length of the screen (the screen is connected to the notebook chassis in six places currently rather than two). The notebook will currently be bifold utterly flat, because of the hinge’s structure (unlike the Yoga two professional, wherever the screen and therefore the chassis untired at slightly completely different heights once the notebook was open flat).

On a aspect note, the silver watchstrap hinge appearance astonishingly cool and contrasts nicely against all 3 obtainable colours of the Yoga three professional (Clementine Orange, noble metal Silver, or Champagne Gold). Still, as a result of this is often a Lenovo product, we’d have likable to ascertain associate degree all-black version.

More Than simply Bling

The premium work and end of the Yoga three professional goes on the far side the flowery hinge. after you open the laptop computer, you’ll realize a rough fool palm rest with a golf equipment kind pattern that wraps up round the backlit keyboard. The keyboard itself options a straightforward chiclet-style layout and every key features a soft texture with sensible feedback once ironed. The crystal rectifier backlighting is nicely through with even illumination therefore the keys may be seen within the dark.

The touchpad could be a clickpad with integrated buttons at a lower place the multitouch surface. The pre-production unit that we have a tendency to checked out featured Synaptics touchpad drivers, and therefore the indicator movement was swish whereas gesture recognition was likewise unflawed.

We should additionally mention that Lenovo engineers have return up with a motivating charging resolution for the Yoga three Pro: a USB port. It took an instant for the shocked expression to depart our faces, however Lenovo uses one in every of the USB ports on the Yoga three professional to charge the notebook. The AC power adapter has what feels like a reasonably traditional USB cable with to a small degree “nub” on one finish thus you’ll tell the distinction between your cord and a standard USB cable. you’ll enter USB devices to a similar port if you don’t have to be compelled to charge your laptop’s battery. Our initial tests with the pre-production unit recommend that a typical USB cable may be accustomed charge the Yoga three professional … as long as you’ll connect the opposite finish to an influence supply with enough voltage.

The QHD+ 3200×1800 IPS show is bright and clear with fantastic viewing angles therefore the screen appearance sensible from any angle (important once a notebook is meant to maneuver between laptop computer mode, Stand mode, Tent mode, or pill mode).

We have mixed feelings regarding the screen surface. On one hand, it’s manufactured from Corning Gorilla gorilla Glass therefore the screen will survive abuse whereas traveling, however the shiny screen surface makes for nasty reflections and glare beneath bright lights.

The heart of the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro three professional could be a innovative Intel Core M-5Y70 processor (4M Cache, dual-core with hyperthreading, up to 2.60 GHz), up to eight GB of RAM, a 256 GB solid state drive for storage, and Intel integrated HD Graphics 5300. Lenovo guarantees the Yoga three professional features a battery lifetime of up to 9 hours once connected via high-speed 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi. We’ll place that claim and therefore the new hardware to the check as presently as we are able to get a production-level unit in our check workplace.