Notebook review :HP EliteBook Revolve 810

HP EliteBook Revolve 810The Hewlett packard EliteBook Revolve utilizes an interesting layered design, using its more compact 11.6-inch display shedding off to the bigger bottom area of the chassis. The magnesium soft-touch finish feels safe to carry helping to supply a clean aesthetic. There is nothing really new here contrary the device’s twisting display hinge is really a regression in support of a classical convertible notebook design. However, that does not stop this notebook from feeling fresh. Where lots of ultrabooks go for smooth curves the EliteBook Revolve holds a squared angular design and sticks out due to it.

Hybrid Notebook computers frequently fall under a strange limbo where they’re light for any notebook, but heavy for any tablet and also the Hewlett packard EliteBook isn’t any exception, calculating in at 11.2″ x 8.4″ x .8″ and coming in at only a hair over 3 pounds. Weighing a lot more than 3 pounds some customers could find the unit uncomfortable for a tablet to have an extended time period, however the Hewlett packard EliteBook Revolve still offers impressive portability on componen with many competing notebook computers.

The additional weight in the magnesium chassis turns out to be worthwhile because the compact device boasts impressive quality. The unit has transpired seven MIL SPEC-810G tests, including individuals concentrating on drops, vibration, dust, altitude and temperature. Not surprisingly, the underside 1 / 2 of the chassis proves persistent to incoming pressure with virtually no flex. The rear display panel gives slightly too applied pressure, but no noticeable rippling happens onscreen.

Ports featuring

For any convertible notebook the EliteBook Revolve provides a solid degree of connectivity. A lot of the ports are situated across the back-fringe of the chassis. There the unit houses two USB 3. ports, a Kensington lock slot, a presentation port, as well as an Ethernet port. The best side from the device also provides a couple of additional ports and buttons together with a proprietary pier port, a microSD slot, a earphone jack, independent volume controls, a car-rotate display button, along with a energy button.

Screen and Loudspeakers

The EliteBook Revolve provides an 11.6″ Brought-backlit display having a 1336 x 768 pixel resolution. The limited resolution is unquestionably an inadequate point for that device, especially thinking about its $1450 cost. Regardless of the low resolution though, the EliteBook Revolve provides an sufficient viewing knowledge about solid color contrast along with a obvious readable image.

Like a convertible notebook the display also provides touch controls. Swipes, clicks, and multi-finger gestures are responsive and browse rapidly. However, because of the limited resolution from the display, detailed gestures for example highlighting text or choosing links can be harder.

The display also boasts impressive viewing angles with images holding well past 180 levels. The flexible viewing angles really are a nice accessory for the unit, especially while using the it as being a tablet. Regrettably the glossy finish from the display does allow it to be somewhat prone to insights and direct light. In heavily lit areas the display’s tendency for reflecting background images can greatly diminish the display’s viewing angles (especially across the vertical axis).

The Hewlett packard EliteBook Revolve houses two DTS Studio Seem loudspeakers across the bottom left and right servings of the chassis. The Hewlett packard EliteBook certainly is not boisterous, however the two loudspeakers have the ability to provide enough amplification appropriate for any small group or perhaps a modest sized room. The unit offers consistent seem quality without any noticeable distortion even at 100 % capacity.

Keyboard and Touch pad

Because of the extend bottom 1 / 2 of the chassis the Hewlett packard EliteBook Revolve has the capacity to offer more spacing than expected from the 11.6″ notebook on its Chiclet Style keyboard. Still it is not spacious by stretch from the imagination, but there’s sufficient room to make sure that customers can function rapidly and effectively.

Each key provides a braised smooth texture which supplies additional friction. Key-depth is rather standard and it’s not hard to tell when key continues to be fully compressed. The consistent feedback comprises for the possible lack of depth supplying an appropriate knowledge about secrets rapidly nipping in place.

The moderately sized touch pad is lacking of mouse buttons rather depending on multi-finger touch controls having a single finger click serving as a left-click and 2 fingers the right click. First using the Samsung ATIV Book 9 and today the Hewlett packard EliteBook Revolve it’s nice to determine Computers implementing Apple’s touch pad controls. It is a simple change, however it can definitely create a large impact on the notebook’s overall usability.

The touch pad that is outfitted with Alps motorists works well reading through swipes and gestures precisely without any lag. The pad’s fine surface and tight precision makes more delectate gestures like highlighting text simple as well.

The only real problem using the touch pad is its insufficient personalization options. It might be nice if Hewlett packard offered better quality designs, however the touch pad is still effective admirably out of the box.