Notebook Review -Dell Latitude 3000 Series

Dell Latitude 3000The Latitude 3000 series has been a workhorse for hollow and its business customers, hollow continues to enhance with updates to the foremost recent updates during this line of business laptops. Slightly higher 14-inch and 15-inch versions are discharged, and that we got some hands on time with them.

14 InchBuild and style

Dell same that the foremost important improvement in each iterations the latitude of the 3000 series may be a reduction in thickness. These models are slightly but zero.9 inches, whereas its predecessors square measure one.0 inches thick.

Dell conjointly slightly remit tent weight. With a 3-cell battery, 14-inch version is four.2 pounds and fifteen inches is four.9 pounds.

While these enhancements square measure quite tiny, any reduction in volume is welcome. a lot of significantly, was performed while not removing all the vital options of those laptops – providing everything their predecessors do.

This includes 2 USB three.0 and USB two.0 ports, associate integrated preferred styles of memory cards, floppy local area network and a VGA port along. Even higher, we’ve additional associate HDMI port.

At launch, the Latitude fourteen Latitude fifteen 3000 and 3000 square measure on the market at the quality 1366 x 768 screens. whereas we tend to aren’t terribly happy concerning it, hollow can create a 1920 x 1080 versions (including choices on the bit screen) on the market from next year.

The keyboard on the 13-inch model looks a lot of acceptable for a 10-inch laptop computer as a result of there’s an outsized dead area on each side. For a 15-inch hollow designers additional a keyboard to fill the additional area. These square measure splash resistant, and therefore the back light is one in all the choices.
15 Inch Performance

During the primary months, the 14-inch models and 15-inch Latitude 3000 series are on the market with Intel Core i3 or i5 processor fourth generation. Versions with the newest Core i7 chips won’t be on the market till Gregorian calendar month 2015 once the utmost quantity of accessible RAM is 4GB. Later, 8GB are associate possibility.

Initially, the most important disc drive is five hundred GB. These versions Core i7 home have the choice to 1TB of storage.

Dell can ship these with Windows seven, Windows seven professional, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro, and even Ubuntu.
preliminary conclusion

The hollow Latitude fourteen Latitude fifteen 3000 and 3000 square measure solely tiny enhancements in existing models during this series. Despite a small decrease in weight is welcome, additionally because the addition of associate HDMI port, users of his most up-to-date predecessors aren’t aiming to be jealous.

However, these models currently attainable to take care of the category hollow laptops the corporate competitive market.