Notebook review – Aorus X7v2

Aorus X7v2Opting for complete new} brand computer memory unit hoped to depart its mark on the niche ultra-portable recreation laptop computer market with the primary Aorus X7. Combining spectacular specs into a gorgeous metallic element build, the high-end recreation device definitely managed to show many heads. With the discharge of Nvidia’s printing operation 800M GPUs computer memory unit is back with the Aorus X7v2 and also the device appearance higher than ever.

Sporting a fair quicker processor, exaggerated storage choices and twin SLI-enabled Nvidia GeForce 860M GPUs the moveable recreation rig offers performance on par with any desktop replacement on the market. whereas the notebook offers increased internal organ, the laptop computer still boasts an equivalent unbelievably skinny type issue.

The mix of power and movableness isn’t low-cost, because the unit NBR tested is presently listed at $2,300, however those longing for that elusive combination can doubtless realize the Aorus X7v2 well definitely worth the steep terms.
Build and style

Aorus X7v2 FrontWhile computer memory unit has created variety of changes to the invigorated Aorus X7v2 one issue that has remained an equivalent is that the device’s engaging black metallic element build. The slim angular style and slow moving curves square measure harking back to a hood found on an upscale sports automobile. void of backlights or loud element coloring, the Aorus X7v2 offers a clean unpretentious aesthetic but the big chrome brand on the lid’s center.

A munificently sized power button sporting an equivalent brand are often found on the highest center of the laptop’s deck. the total sized keyboard and touchpad square measure settled below. The metallic element surface provides a cushty palm-rest whereas typewriting, tho’ the right-hand facet of the deck will heat up once the machine is taxed inflicting slight discomfort.

Aorus X7V2 backMeasuring in at sixteen.8” x 12” x zero.9” and consideration in at six.6 pounds the Arous X7v2 is unbelievably lightweight for a seventeen.3-inch recreation laptop computer, however it still isn’t precisely contributive to intensive travel. although the bowed metallic element chassis is simple to grip, at 6.6 pounds the device are often tough to carry with just one hand. The Aorus X7v2 remains one in all the lightest seventeen.3-inch recreation laptops on the market matching the unbelievably sleek Razer Blade professional at six.58 pounds, tho’ the MSI GS seventy stealing professional beats out each units at around five.9 pounds. whereas the Aorus X7v2 might not be as lightweight because the MSI GS seventy stealing professional it’s price noting that the laptop’s specs square measure a lot of in line with desktop replacements like the MSI GT70 Dominator and Alienware eighteen, creating the device’s moveable type issue all the a lot of spectacular.

Ports and options

Aorus X7v2 ports back

The Aorus X7v2 offers ample property with a large array of ports. The left facet of the device options a Kensington Lock Slot, Associate in Nursing local area network instrumentality (LAN RJ45), a Surround port, a D-Sub port, a USB 3.0 port, a electro-acoustic transducer jack and a earpiece jack. the proper facet of the device homes Associate in Nursing American state Card Reader, 2 a lot of USB three.0 ports, Associate in Nursing HDMI instrumentality and a MiniDisplay instrumentality. On the rear of the device users can realize 2 USB a pair of.0 ports and also the power jack.

Comand and management

The Aorus X7v2 offers Panorama technology with the flexibility to host one image across 3 monitors via its miniDisplay, HDMI and Surround ports. The device additionally boasts Killer local area network networking, guaranteeing consistent low-latency once mistreatment wired connections.

As with the previous Arous X7, the invigorated variant options the company’s Command and management software system. the applying could be a easy pictured interface that enables users to quickly alter variety of the laptop’s settings together with mouse pointer speed, tweaking the fan settings, sterilization GPU usage and even dynamical video output on the fly. Most of those settings are often altered directly among the applying, whereas others just like the central processing unit and GPU settings can direct users to a different menu. Power users can doubtless forgo this application altogether, however it provides Associate in Nursing easy-to-use interface and straightforward choices for the less initiated.

Display and Sound

The Aorus X7v2 options an equivalent seventeen.3-inch liquid crystal {display|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} (1920 x 1080) display found within the previous model. The solid three hundred nits brightness and responsive 8ms time interval create the panel nice for enjoying games, as pictures seem sharp and simple to look at with no noticeable blur or ghosting. The seventy two NTSC color gamut and 400:1 color distinction offer an excellent viewing expertise. NBR was notably happy by the laptop’s ability to detail varied reminder greens, blues and browns once enjoying a match of League of Legends.

Images interruption well past one hundred degrees on the horizontal axis with none quality loss. the image additionally remained high notch once tilting the show forward on the vertical axis. Tilting the show back did cause the pictures on screen to seem washed out and pale. The show additionally suffered quality loss once viewed in direct or serious lighting.

The Arous X7v2 homes a combine of speakers and 2 sub-woofers on the front right and left sides of the chassis. The device isn’t unbelievably boisterous, however it’s capable of providing a modest sized space with audio. a lot of significantly the laptop computer offers solid sound quality. taking note of a difficult musical group piece NBR was affected by the laptop’s ability to detail the high notes clearly at 100% capability. With 2 sub-woofers the Aorus X7v2 additionally offers a substantial level of bass (for a laptop), creating the device good for capturing sound effects in-game. The speakers square measure still obscurity close to nearly as good as Associate in Nursing external system or high-quality telephone receiver, however they’re quite adequate for general use.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Aorus X7V2 keyboardThe Aorus X7v2 offers a backlit full-sized Chiclet keyboard complete with macro keys (to the left) and variety pad (to the right). The keyboard is truly quite compact, however still manages to supply enough spacing that I ne’er accidentally smitten the incorrect key. With the compact key layout it’s straightforward to achieve each button, even the F functions at a moment’s notice. Key travel is somewhat restricted, however the feedback is solid with keys quickly snapping into place. With the responsive feedback and intelligent layout the keyboard performed well generally use and recreation.

To the left of the keyboard sits a row of 5 programmable macro keys starting from G1 to G5. However, the device truly offers a complete of twenty {five} programmable keys with five totally different layers as denoted by varied colours. fixing macros proves easy with extra application Macro Hub. The software system clearly depicts every layer and permits users to program individual keys by clicking on them. From there users will edit their own individual macros, set the key to launch a selected program or selected from one in all the essential macro functions provided. There’s not a inordinateness of additional options with Macro Hub, however that’s additionally the charm. It’s unbelievably fast and pain free permitting users to setup their macros virtually instantly.

Micro HubAnother neat feature offered within the Arous X7v2 is that the window key lock. The operate works precisely because it thusunds basically disabling the windows key operate so user’s don’t accidentally minimize no matter full screen application they’re performing on. The featured will simply be turned on and faraway from the Command and management application with a straightforward click.

Located below the spacebar is that the Elan touchpad. The pad options a black glass construct and is void of physical mouse buttons instead designating very cheap left and right portion of the pad to act as mouse-clicks. The sleek glass end proves straightforward enough to navigate providing good travel and sensitivity creating scroll functions and multi-finger gestures responsive.

Aorus X7V2 touchpadThe solely serious gripe NBR had with the touchpad is that it will feel slightly foreign as initial. The glass end doesn’t provide an equivalent offer as a standard touchpad and as a result the center space of the pad doesn’t scan click gestures. Traveling too so much up from very cheap of the pad can usually cause your click gestures to fail to scan. It are often awkward to navigate initially (especially whereas internet surfing), however when many days with the device it started feel a lot of natural.

The glass touchpad is definitely distinctive, however it doesn’t appear to supply an improved expertise than the standard touchpad style … and also the shiny surface is liable to fingerprint smudges.