Notebook OnHand review – Dell Latitude E7440

Dell Latitude E7440The hollow Latitude vary of business notebooks incorporates a solid name of tolerating onerous usage whereas conjointly being straightforward to keep up. I’ve closely-held numerous Latitudes within the past and once seeking a successor to my a pair of year-old Samsung NP900X4C (the natural successor is that the Samsung NP930X5J that has, so far, didn’t come about within the UK), I came upon a hollow E7440 that is in my most well-liked weight vary and incorporates a affordable worth. scan on to search out out .

1 E7440 overallBuild and style

The Latitude E7440 is perceptibly dilutant associate degreed lighter than the previous 14-inch Latitudes I’ve used (removal of the optical drive is one conducive factor) and it carries an Intel “Ultrabook” sticker. However, the notebook itself feels a minimum of as solid as its predecessors.

The overall feel is that the portable computer is fairly sturdy. whereas it’s potential to use enough force to bend the show slightly, this doesn’t cause any changes within the show. Most of the show back is metal with a plastic section on the highest edge wherever the antennae ar set. not like most Ultrabooks, the E7440 uses a customary removable keyboard unit, that makes is less complicated to switch once necessary.

Perhaps the hinges can relax with time, however they’re presently terribly stiff. As a result, gap the pc may be a two-handed task; the absence of any recess on the front to produce a fingerhold for lifting the show doesn’t facilitate matters. 2 magnets secure the show once it’s closed. the rear of the show may be a silver-grey color with a shiny hollow brand within the center and also the remainder of the pc is black apart from a skinny silver-grey strip round the fringe of the chassis. I in person just like the achromatic interiors as a result of there’s no glare from the keyboard and also the piece of writing stands out clearly.

2 E7440 internalsIn keeping with the utility objective of the Latitude vary, the battery is removable and there ar solely 2 screws holding the quilt to the mainboard. The Owner’s Manual provides elaborate clarification of the way to take away and replace components. the placement of the battery below the palm rest not solely provides a counter-balance to the show, however conjointly keeps it removed from the new elements.

Dell provides variety of choices for the inner configuration. My E7440 came with a WWAN (3G) card however an equivalent slot may be used for associate degree mSATA SSD. Instead, the mSATA SSD in my E7440 was set {in a|during a|in associate degree exceedingly|in a very} frame (which Dell’s components list calls an “interposer”) within the a pair of.5? drive bay. The notebook came with associate degree empty RAM slot however this didn’t keep empty for long as a result of I already had a spare 4GB one.35V module waiting.

3 E7440 fanI was stunned however skinny the fan was on condition that the E7440 is fatter than several Ultrabooks. The fan isn’t any thicker than the business finish of a flash drive, which suggests that it’s to spin quick to produce effective cooling.

Ports and options

After victimization notebooks with the ports solely on the edges, i used to be foiled by the location of 2 USB ports on the rear and only 1 on the edges. the rear is additionally home to a network cable socket, associate degree HDMI port, and a mini-DisplayPort that has a reasonable route to a good vary of video connectors. There’s no intrinsical VGA port however unbranded mini-DisplayPort to VGA adapters ar terribly cheap.
The bottom of the pc includes a moorage bay instrumentation. There’s a hole on the face of the pc with a water drop image next to that. I presume it’s going to be a keyboard drain however I haven’t tested it.

Screen and Speakers

I was probing for a {better|the next} resolution with better viewing angles than that on my Samsung NP900X4C and my preliminary buying analysis unconcealed that hollow use 2 completely different FHD panels on the E7440. My E7440 came with the AUO113D panel. The extended monitor information reportable B140HAN that uses AUO’s AHVA technology. I had expected to want to use a hundred and twenty fifth show scaling to create the show snug for my eyes and located this was the default setting. hollow doesn’t quote a most show brightness though AUO indicates it’s three hundred nit. It’s perceptibly less bright than my Samsung notebook and, whereas adequate for indoor usage, would most likely struggle within the sunshine. The show incorporates a non-glare surface, which ends up {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very slightly “sparkly” image.

To demonstrate the distinction in show quality, I lined up the E7440 with the thirteen.3” NP900X3B (Samsung PLS display), the Lenovo T420s (a TN panel of average quality) and also the Samsung NP900X4C (a comparatively smart TN panel) and compared the viewing angles. All four displays had been label employing a Spyder four categorical. For these photos the NP900X3C and NP900X4C displays were at seventy fifth brightness and also the alternative 2 at full brightness. From left to right the computers are: thirteen.3” Samsung NP900X3B, 14” hollow Latitude E7440, 14” Lenovo T420s, and 15” Samsung NP900X4C. The superior viewing angles of the Samsung NP900X3B (Samsung PLS display) and also the E7440 (AUO AHVA display) ar terribly evident.

Dell placed 2 downward-facing speakers on the front aspect of the chassis. The downward-facing speakers on the beveled sides of the pc seem to learn from the pc being on a table high in order that the sound may be mirrored upwards. each audio amount and quality ar comparatively smart with a touch of bass.

Keyboard and Touchpad

13 E7440 keyboardThe keyboard has smart travel compared to most Ultrabooks. The daring white piece of writing is backlit (an option) to enhance legibility below all lighting conditions. The layout includes Page Up and Page Down keys higher than the pointer left and right keys. The Caps Lock key includes associate degree indicator lightweight, however there are not any indicators for the Num Lock and Scroll Lock that ar accessed victimization the Fn key.

The touchpad is perceptibly smaller than the pad on the Samsung NP900X4C and may be a consequence of victimization not simply separate, instead of embedded, touchpad howevertons but conjointly having a second set of buttons for a inform stick. yet, the touchpad has tested to be quite usable once I had found the written record hack to alter the default reverse setting for the 2 finger scroll. My E7440 includes a fingerprint and smartcard reader on the proper aspect of the palm rest.